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Calculate how much office space you need in 4 steps

Unsure about how to calculate how much office space you need? If you follow the rules, it’s easy to calculate the correct size requirements.

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6 ways to save money on office space in London

If your business is based in London, running an office is probably one of your biggest costs, second only to staff salaries. Here are our top 6 tips to save money on London office space. Some of them may seem obvious, but when our clients consider all of them, we have always helped them make significant savings.

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How to choose the best location for your London office in 5 easy steps

Trying to decide where best to locate your London office? Follow our 5 easy steps to identify the best office location for your business.

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What are quarter days? Office rental payments explained

Quarter Days are the four days of the calendar year when commercial leasehold payments and rent - including office rent - are due.

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How to get business broadband: everything you need to know!

The definitive guide to business broadband in plain English. Simon Isherwood - Managing Director of SITEC IT - explains all to Michael Fraser.

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Serviced office or conventional lease? A beginners guide

Learn the key differences between serviced offices and a conventional lease to help you decide what's best for your business.

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40 desk office in Aldgate acquired for a tech company

Acquired 6 person office in Baker St for leading tech company

5 desk office in Clerkenwell acquired for an energy company.