Moving OUT of your London office? This 8 point checklist will get you started

Once you’ve secured your new office, much of your focus will be on moving into your new premises. Understandable of course; your new space represents the future of your business and many of us are naturally excited by new things!

However in the rush to embrace the new, it is vital you don’t forget about tying up all the loose ends in your existing office before you move out – unexciting as that may seem.

Writing a thorough moving out checklist is a very effective way to remember everything you need to do. We’re big fans of checklists in general here at Find a London Office. Of course, the list below isn’t all-inclusive and you may find not all the items are relevant to your circumstances, but I think you’ll find it to be a useful starting point.

  1. Supplier contracts
    Terminate all these in time. If you want to keep the equipment, be careful; some suppliers insist on relocating their own equipment
  2. Dilapidations
    Redecorating and reinstatement can take quite some time, so sort out dilapidations early
  3. Landlord relationship
    During your stay, he may not have become your best friend, but keep him sweet as you may need a reference!
  4. Managing agents
    Make contact with them and resolve any issues such as keys, security etc.
  5. Service charge
    Discuss this with the managing agent if not already resolved by your solicitor.
  6. Utilities
    Cancel any of these and have the meters read.
  7. Rating
    Contact the rating authority and close your bill. If your lease hasn’t expired, get expert advice on rating.
  8. Insurance
    Contact your insurance brokers to make the necessary arrangements.

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