for complete control and certainty, invest in a freehold office

Your Own Front Door

Put your corporate branding outside your own front door.

Create your own image and work environment inside – the way you want it.

Invest In The Future

Potentially buy an appreciating asset, maybe in an up and coming area to enhance value even further.

Invest in your company’s financial future, or buy it yourself in a SIPP or similar, then let the building to your company.

Invest In Your Own Building

Why pay service charges raised by a landlord and suffer dilapidation costs at the end of a lease?

It feels different – and is usually cheaper – investing in your own building.  You are responsible for maintenance but anything you spend on improvements adds to the building’s value, unlike money spent on the landlord’s building, which only adds to their value

No More Rent Reviews

Buy at today’s values. Don’t get caught out in the future by landlords rent reviews every 5 years.

Come And Go As You Please

In certain circumstances, tenants can be kicked out at lease expiry – potentially at a very inconvenient time.

Tenants can also suffer over the barrel lease negotiations at this juncture.

If you own your office, you can move when you want and maybe have the opportunity to become a landlord yourself!

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