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for complete control and certainty, invest in a freehold office

What is a freehold office building?

  • A freehold office building is a self contained building (much like a house) that you can buy and own for ever!
  • There are huge attractions in owning your own office building in London, most of which boil down to control and potential financial benefit. As with a house, if you buy well in terms of timing and location, owning commercial property can potentially make you a tidy profit. And you can also enjoy occupying a office space in London without the hassle of having to answer to your landlord.
  • There are also of course potential disadvantages. Like the housing market, commercial property prices can go down as well as up, day one entry costs are very high and owner occupiers have to resource running the building, which can be a diversion from their core business.
  • Another point to bear in mind, is that offices for sale in central London (as opposed to lease) tend to come over a number of floors, so they can be less efficient to occupy.
  • Offices for sale in London are pretty scarce, so we tend to use our contacts to seek opportunities ideally before they come to market.

Let us help you find a freehold office

Your Own Front Door

Put your corporate branding outside your own front door.

Create your own image and work environment inside – the way you want it.

Invest In The Future

When you buy an office freehold in London (or of course in prime locations nationwide) you potentially acquire an appreciating asset. The investment can be further enhanced if you buy in an up and coming area.

Invest in your company’s financial future, or buy it yourself in a SIPP or similar, then let the commercial property to your company.

Invest In Your Own Building

Why pay service charges to a landlord and suffer dilapidation costs at the end of your lease?

It feels different – and is often cheaper – when you improve your own freehold office building.

You are responsible for maintenance but money you spend on improvements can add to the building’s value, unlike money spent on a landlord’s building, which provides added value to them.

No More Rent Reviews

Buy office space in London at today’s values. Don’t get caught out in the future by landlords upward only rent reviews.

Come And Go As You Please

In certain circumstances, occupiers in leased office space can be kicked out at lease expiry – potentially at a very inconvenient time.

Tenants can also suffer over the barrel lease renewal negotiations at this juncture.

If you buy your own London office property, you can move when you want and perhaps have the opportunity to become a landlord yourself!


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Prospero Group Ltd

They find great space and help us negotiate really good deals

Eleanor Care

The whole process was turned around in 2 working days and we are delighted with our new office.

Argon & Co

They have in depth market knowledge, strong negotiating skills and are fun to work with. We will not hesitate to use them next time we need office advice.


Excellent service from the team at Find a London Office!

Huajin (Hongkong) LTD

We are delighted with our new London office and very much look forward working with Jamie and Find a London Office again

AirX Charter Limited

They negotiated a great deal with a better rent free than we were expecting

  • Prospero Group Ltd Prospero Group Ltd
  • Eleanor Care Eleanor Care
  • Argon & Co Argon & Co
  • Huajin (Hongkong) LTD Huajin (Hongkong) LTD
  • AirX Charter Limited AirX Charter Limited

Completed Deals

Acquired 5,500ft2 office in Old St EC1 for tech company

Fitted out 7139ft2 office acquired for brand advisory company in WC1

Acquired 10 desk office in Marylebone for healthcare company