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    Kensington & Chelsea office space

    Kensington & Chelsea Key Facts

    Kensington and Chelsea Office Space

    More about Kensington & Chelsea

    Kensington and Chelsea are located to the West and South West of the main West End business districts, this area is primarily given over to high cost housing together with a plethora of shops, restaurants and open spaces such as Kensington Gardens.

    Whilst there are not a huge amount of office buildings, what there is, which ranges from the very best air conditioned space down to modest offices, has become increasingly popular of recent, and hence can be difficult to find. This must be in part influenced by those who already have homes in the area now being prepared to have their offices nearby. Communications are generally good, and access to the West End is easy.

    The recent increased acceptance of this area as an office location has had an upward effect on rents, but the costs are still notably below those of the main West End business districts.

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