Moving INTO new London office space? Here’s a handy 18 point checklist

Moving into new London office space can be an overwhelming experience – there are so many items to remember, is frighteningly easy to overlook something important . This list isn’t all-inclusive (and not all items may be relevant to your needs), but it’s a useful starting point.

Checklists are proving to be an ongoing theme here at Find a London Office. We’re big fans of them: if you want your move to be as smooth as possible, we cannot recommend them highly enough.

  1. Building survey: is one required?
  2. Survey of mechanical and electrical equipment: is one required?
  3. IT and Telecoms: who will provide and install this?
  4. Fibre: Does fibre already come into the building / office and who is providing it?
  5. Satellite dishes: do you need them?
  6. Data supplier do you need more than one?
  7. Furniture: do you already have enough? Can you source more?
  8. Rating: contact the rating authority to check the assessment. Do you need to appeal against it?
  9. Insurance: contact your brokers to make the necessary arrangements
  10. Space planning and fit out: select a specialist fit out company
  11. Alterations to the building or space: get the landlords consent
  12. Stationary, website, social media and corporate branding: update with your new contact details
  13. Corporate branding:take the opportunity to rebrand or improve your existing branding
  14. Change of Address: Tell your clients, suppliers and employees about your new contact details
  15. Managing Agent: Introduce yourself and check the management regime.
  16. Rent: Check the mechanism for paying your rent and service charge.
  17. Security: Check the security arrangements are going to be adequate for your needs. If not contact a specialist
  18. Utilities: contact any direct suppliers

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