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Where does your new London office need to be?

Where do your new offices need to be? Location, Location, Location – as the mantra goes. It’s become a cliché, but as with most clichés, it’s also true! London is a large and diverse city, and different areas have distinct identities, as well as individual strengths and weaknesses. Your business will also have specific needs that will make it better suited to one part of London than another. Different strokes for different folks, to quote another cliché.

5 Questions you should ask, before you look for Office Space in London – Introduction

Many of our new clients are ill-prepared to begin their search for new London office space. Ian Kitchener has written a 5 part series addressing the questions all prospective office tenants should be asking their clients before they start looking for new offices.

Choosing the right location for your new London office

Location, Location Location! Choosing the right location for your London office space can be a daunting prospect, particularly if your knowledge of the city is skin deep. Sometimes your initial instincts are spot on, but often a more in depth knowledge of what’s available elsewhere will lead to a change of heart. Using a London […]

How to find a small office in the West End of London

Acquiring a small office space in the West End of London can be a real pain….. Essentially you have two main options, serviced, or conventional office space: Serviced Offices in London If you search for an London office on Google, you are likely to end up deluged with a huge response from serviced office providers […]

Virtual offices vs conventional offices in London

Telecommuting is great for startups and small companies with tight budgets. But virtual offices do create a host of problems. Most of which are social.

5 Ways to Save Money on London Office Space

It’s not just about minimising your outlay; it’s also about maximising the value of your decision and thinking ahead when possible.

Are business rates going to skyrocket? Is it time to enlist a ratings advisor?

The next revaluation for business rates is due on the 1st April 2010, based upon rental value at April 2008. And the rumours mill is going into overdrive…

Going for green: 6 quick tips to be more environmentally friendly

Businesses generally have more of an environmental impact than individuals: here are 6 simple ways to be kinder to the environment without having to make tremendous efforts.

Give us a break! How to take advantage of break clauses in your office lease

Landlords want leases to be as long as possible. Tenants want flexibility as their needs change. Break clauses offer flexibility, provided you are canny

Size matters! The dangers of confined office space

Businesses are squeezing more people into tighter spaces under the pressure to cut costs, risking employee unhappiness and lower productivity.

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