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Have you seen our upgraded London office space calculator?

Now you can get cost estimates for short term, flexible offices as well longer term conventional leases – and then compare the two office types.

How to find a London office, when available space is in short supply

Many agents will tell you that you can’t always get the office you want now, as the UK economy continues to improve. But is this true?

What is C2 property, and who needs it?

Alex explains C2 property and how it differs from D1 class property.

London Office Rent Will Continue To Rise in 2014

Headline London Office Rents have risen by approximately 8% through 2013. Ian confidently predicts a further 7.5% increase in 2014

Serviced Office or Conventional Lease? Read our new report!

In an improving economy, should you choose serviced office space, or go with a conventional lease? Michael Fraser announces a new Find a London Office report that will help you make that decision.

What is D1 property, and who needs it?

We get calls from people every day asking for D1 property, but it’s amazing – of the numbers asking – who actually understands what D1 property is and who doesn’t! Alex explains all…

Are Serviced Offices the Future?

Our Serviced Office Specialist looks at the benefits of serviced offices, and why businesses are increasingly choosing them over a conventional lease.

Solved: a simple way to remember Quarter Days

Quarter days are often mentioned in the business press, but what exactly are quarter days, and when exactly are they? Michael Fraser explains all.

Buying and Selling Commercial Property – a Legal Insight

The purchase or sale of commercial property is a hugely important transaction for most businesses. Here we provide some guidance and tips to help you navigate the legal side of the process.

What is your London office budget?

The second part of the of my five part blog deals with budget. Before you begin searching for London office space, you must establish what you can afford. So – I hear you ask – how on earth do I go about do about that, when I don’t understand how much office space in London costs? To establish a budget for your new offices, we will look at 5 factors.

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