New Deals!

8 desk office acquired for environmental business in Victoria

20 desks in Covent Garden for creative agency producing online video

10 desks with showroom in Mortimer St for Chinese textiles company

Do you have a favourite Skyscraper website? I’ve added links, and brief descriptions to all the entries under the poll. If I’ve left any of your favourites out, please let me know in the comments section. Otherwise please cast your vote in our skyscraper website poll…

Authoritative news site for Skyscrapers worldwide – The London Skyscraper section can be found here…

Vast Skyscraper forum covering just about every city on the planet! The London section can be found here

News and Info site. The London page can be found here…

Daily architecture news about buildings from around the world, with a section dedicated to London Skyscrapers

Huge collection of skyscraper diagrams, and a substantial forum

Skyscraper Life

Comprehensive Skyscraper Forum, including rankings, diagrams and fun and games, with UK Skyscrapers featured here

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Ben Neale

Ben has been designing, building and promoting websites for 15 years. He is responsible for all of Find a London Office’s online activity, which broadly falls into 2 areas: gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. As well as co-ordinating all online marketing campaigns, Ben is the editor of our blog and designer of our Office Space Calculator.

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