Following up on our recent history of London Skyscrapers, and a report on the future of high rise development in the capital – as well as our poll on the best Skyscraper websites, here is a round up of news, views and resources on the subject:

Skyscrapers play havoc with London’s historic skyline

The Independent reports on opposition to London’s changing skyline

Design your own London Skyline

Interactive app which allows you to re-design the London Skyline  – using existing and proposed buildings

Popularchitecture Super Tower

Radical solution to providing new housing for London

The Pinnacle

Office site for the Pinnacle – 22-24 Bishopsgate – currently under construction in the City of London

Why Skycrapers are overated

Smart Planet argues that high rise development is not the way forward

The Shard

Official site for the UK’s tallest building – currently under construction at London Bridge.

New London skyscrapers a big bet on the City of London’s future

Unusually positive outlook on London’s economic prospects, based on the proliferation of new high rise development in the City.

The Heights: Anatomy of a Skyscraper

A review of Kate Ascher’s new book about how a tall building works once you’re inside it.

Skyscrapers: why they strive for the highest

The FT reports that neither 9/11 nor the recession has halted the desire to build tall.

The stratospheric appeal of ‘supertall’ buildings

The Brisbane Times analyses the psychology behind building skycrapers.

South African tycoon Nathan Kirsh buys Tower 42

News article demonstrating that foreign investment in London buildings continues to be popular, despite the financial crisis

City of London Skyscraper Cluster Diagram

Splendid diagram demonstrating the height and design of skyscrapers in the City of London

Key buildings and designs from 2011

Architecture that stimulates, buildings that question, designs that show innovation


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