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IT failures can be a real pain for business. Downtime can directly threaten your ability to do business. Security breaches can threaten your credibility, your finances and the wellbeing of your business as a whole. But fear not, there is an answer for London businesses: Reliable IT Support which will being you peace of mind, without costing the earth.

It goes without saying that IT has changed the way we all live and work over the past couple of decades. In many ways it has become very slick and seamless. Think back to the early days of the web back in the 90’s and remember trying to connect to the Internet. These days, once you have business broadband set up, it just works…mostly. Like water from the tap, we expect it to just work. But what happens when it doesn’t just work? Do you have the skills to fix the problem? Probably not! When water stops coming from your tap, most people call a plumber.

Like water from the tap, we expect the Internet to just work. But what happens when it doesn’t just work? Do you have the skills to fix the problem?

What happens when your PC crashes and your screen has frozen? What happens when emails have mysteriously just stopped or you can’t get onto the internet. Worse, a trojan invader has arrived and is taking over your PC. What do you do now? If you are a small business, you probably won’t have in-house IT Support on hand to help you out of a jam.

Beware Trojans!

Not long ago, I was doing some online banking. (Funnily enough, I was in the middle of paying my plumber, after water stopped coming out of my tap!). Suddenly, a cash sum of about £2400 appeared in a box in part of the layout with which I wasn’t familiar. What was it doing there? I certainly hadn’t put it there. Having read so much recently about the dangers of computer viruses in the Sunday Times Business News, I froze. Didn’t touch another button…

What happens when your PC crashes? What happens when emails have mysteriously just stopped or you can’t get onto the internet. Worse, a trojan invader has arrived and is taking over your PC. What do you do now?

The value of reliable IT Support

Fortunately, I had just agreed to set up IT support services with London Systems – an IT consultancy who had been recommended to me. So I called them immediately. They promptly took over by remotely connecting up to my PC, saw and understood what was happening and – from my point of view – they nuked it! Phew!

Then they installed a protective programme that not only stops the virus in question trying again, but regularly checks my PC for the arrival of anything similar…and then nukes those as well! I don’t really like bugs, but the bug icon at the bottom of my screen indicating it’s protective presence is most welcome!

IT Support that doesn’t cost the earth

I can’t recommend London Systems highly enough. For only £30 per month per PC, they are available via the phone to fix these problems. They will connect to your PC remotely and resolve any issues, usually very speedily. For new clients, they will firstly carry out an initial audit of your machine, then continually monitor it for any form of attack. It’s all included as part of their fixed monthly fee. Not a high price for peace of mind and quick solving of problems when they arise.

London Systems provide managed IT services in London and beyond for both small businesses and large companies. They are happy to advise on network requirements, computer hardware repairs and give guidance on new IT purchases. Critically, they will also take care of all your IT support needs during an office move. Transfer of vital services to a new address can be a huge pain unassisted. Importantly, London Systems are a Tier-1 Microsoft CSP (Cloud Solution Provider) partner – as high as they could be in Microsoft terms!

You can buy peace of mind!

Some years ago we had arranged small business IT support in London from a small outfit. But boy, were they tricky to get hold of! Not an uncommon complaint in the IT support sector, sadly. When all hell breaks loose, you just need prompt access to an IT support company to bail you out.

In an evermore complicated electronic world, I have no hesitation recommending the peace of mind that London Systems provide. Consequently, we’ve added them to our rota of recommended Bolt-on Services. If you are looking for proper business IT support in London, look no further.

Paying for excellent IT support will immediately bring you peace of mind

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