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Moving INTO new London office space? Here’s a handy 18 point checklist

Moving into new London office space can be an overwhelming experience – there are so many items to remember, is frighteningly easy to overlook something important . This checklist isn’t all-inclusive (and not all items may be relevant to your needs), but it’s a useful starting point.

Viewing office space? This 21 point office search checklist will save you time and money

Before you begin your office viewings, we strongly advise you write a comprehensive check list, making your office search much more efficient and effective

How to calculate your London office budget

Understand the cost of renting a London office, then work out what you can afford. It’s vital to know your budget before you begin your office search. Michael explains all…

One killer difference between house hunting and finding office space!

“Searching for office space in London must be very similar to house hunting,” declared a new client to me recently, during our first conversation about their requirements. Very often, prospective business tenants make that mistaken assumption. And yet there is one critical difference between the two activities.

How is new D1 space created in a competitive market?

Our clients are always telling us how difficult it is to acquire D1 space, and for the most part they are right, it is very challenging. So how can we create more of it?

Top 6 business rates tips for new office occupiers

Business rates are an occupation tax  payable by almost all non-domestic property occupiers. Usually the third highest business cost – behind staff and rent – they are often not given the attention they merit. Here are our top 6 tips to identify business rates errors and avoid the pitfalls…

How to choose the best location for your London office in 5 steps

Location, Location, Location: There are five questions you should ask yourself before deciding which part of London will best suit your business. Michael Fraser explains all…

London office rent rises pause for breath!

In our latest London office rental guide (recently updated for Q3 2015), we have detected no increase in rents from Q2 for the first time in a few years. Has the market peaked? Is demand now static or is supply catching up with the recent growth in demand? Find out the truth…

New Personalised Report for your London Office Search

New Feature: Tell us what you are looking for and we will produce a personalised report based on your brief and email it to you within an hour of you registering.

5 shrewd ways to beat record high London office rents

With London office rents still rising at a pace which shows no sign of abating, what are the short and long term answers for prospective business tenants?

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