Here at Find a London Office, we are continually thinking of ways to improve the quality of our service.

The London office market is a potential minefield for the uninitiated and it’s our goal to make an often uncomfortable (and sometimes hazardous) journey as smooth a journey as possible for our clients – holding their hand and guiding them around any hidden mines in their path.

A new feature for new clients

With that in mind, we’ve recently introduced a new feature for new clients. If you tell us what you are looking for – office style, location, number of employees, longer lease or short flexible licence – we will produce a personalised preliminary report based on your requirements and email it to you as a PDF within one hour of you registering.

The report will include:

  1. Your brief
  2. Key facts about your preferred locations
  3. Rental costs for your preferred locations
  4. A sample selection of available offices based on your brief
  5. A selection of our previous clients with similar briefs

All the relevant information in one handy report

For example, you may be looking for a corporate office in Mayfair, St James’s or Victoria with enough space for 75 people. That’s enough information to allow us to quickly produce a useful report – particularly if you are at the beginning of your search – with all the relevant data in one PDF. If you are reporting to your boss, the board of directors, your partners or colleagues, that’s very handy information to have at your fingertips, saving you a great deal of time and allowing you to present your findings effectively. Early feedback has certainly been very positive.

If you’re looking for office space on a conventional lease for 15 or more people, why not give this a try. Just tell us what you want and we’ll do the rest.

New Personalised Report for your London Office Search

About Ben Neale

Ben Neale

Ben has been designing, building and promoting websites for over 20 years. He is responsible for all of Find a London Office’s online activity, which broadly falls into 2 areas: gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. As well as co-ordinating all online marketing campaigns, Ben is the editor of our blog and designer of our Office Space Calculator.

New Deals!

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2790ft2 office space for management consultancy in Euston Rd, NW1