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The London office market will decide…

August is one of my favourite months. People come to the office in less formal attire, and holidays are on the horizon.

There’s space for quality time, some lateral thinking and perhaps a spot of networking. In the property world restaurants like Shampers in Kingly St, have seemed fuller than you would expect for August.

The low level of activity in the 2009 Central London office market led my wife to Google “M” for Manchester rather than Mauritius in her quest to find our holiday destination for this year.

Mrs K then suggested a compromise – the shores of Lake Maggiore in northern Italy. This seemed hopelessly extravegant after months of negotiating longer rent free periods and observing London office rents tumble from their pre credit crunch heights.

I was reminded however, that fees charged by Find a London Office are linked to savings we successfully negotiate in the first year of a lease, so I chose not to put up too much of a fight…

The problem with summer holidays though is that after a few days sunbathing by the pool, the mind starts to wander back to Old Blighty.

One starts to wonder how the market is doing and whether come Christmas we will be Googling “B” for Bognor or “B” for Barbados…”

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Completed Deals

40 desk office in Aldgate acquired for a tech company

5 desk office in Clerkenwell acquired for an energy company.

Acquired 6 person office in Baker St for leading tech company