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20 workstations acquired in St James’s for Technology Company

2790ft2 office space for management consultancy in Euston Rd, NW1

4640ft2 office floor for recruitment company in Worship St, EC2

At Find a London Office, we make all of our costs transparent; the reason I feel this deserves to be in the blog, is because we have a unique reason for our pricing structure.  Many of our competitors charge a commission based on the overall price of the office space. This means that it is in their interest to get you the most expensive deal possible. If they negotiate a lower price for you, they get less commission!

At Find a London Office, our charges are based on £1.00 per sq ft acquired in addition to:

  • In the event of acquiring a new lease or underlease, 15% of the savings we are able to negotiate from quoting terms in the first year of the lease.
  • In the event of acquiring an assignment of an existing lease, 15% of savings we are able to negotiate from quoting terms in the first year following lease assignment, to include any reduction negotiated on the assignors quoted premium.
  • In the event of acquiring a freehold or long leasehold property, 15% of the savings negotiated from the quoting price. Examples of savings would be by way of rent free period, rental reduction, price reduction and capital payments and contributions in favour of the tenant / purchaser.
  • VAT will be charged at the standard rate.

So as you can see, we cannot provide any better proof that we are commited to negotiating you the best deal than the fact the most of our fee comes from what we save you!

About Ian Kitchener

Ian Kitchener

Ian has advised Central London office occupiers for over 20 years. He loves fighting their corner and making sure they get what they need - a great office on the best commercial terms available.

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