When leasing office space in London, choosing the right location for your premises is absolutely key. A big part of that decision will be determined by the available transport options, whether that’s mainline rail station, tube stations, bus routes, or the brand new Cycle Hire stations. Fortunately, in London there are plenty of options available, and they are improving all the time.

According to the Evening Standard, the new trains for the Victoria Line are 23 times less reliable than the old ones, but then new equipment so often is.  Yes they’ve tested it, but – hang on – it will settle, and in the end it will be so much better.

Alternatively there’s always the buses, of which I am a big fan.  Compared with the old days, there are now so many and they go almost everywhere – just get the London Bus Guide and the world is your Oyster – pardon the pun.  It certainly is time to get rid of the bendy buses which were never suitable for London in any case, the Double Decker having been principally designed for London’s narrow streets.

Then there’s the new London Cycle Hire scheme, pioneered in Paris and then Brussels, and already a great success in London. Again there have been a few teething troubles with the new system, but it can’t be that bad because I see a huge number of people riding around on them. As a London office agent, I’m used to being asked where the nearest tube station is and similar questions, but yesterday I was asked “where is the nearest bike station?”

At least using those bikes there won’t be the same problem with general bike theft, which is something the MET Police have apparently recently sorted out.  I am told that if you microchip your bike, this helps a good deal, and as I gather you can’t tell whether a bike has been microchipped or not, this must make stealing them a much higher risk activity!  We’ve just “chipped” two dogs, but that’s largely a different matter, but if it works for dogs…

So, lots of transport choice in London, which will help a great deal when you are looking for a London office. Funnily enough, I saw a client yesterday who is seriously considering leasing office space that is very close to a bike station.  I am certain we will soon see “bike station close by” listed on London office property details as an amenity.

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Michael Fraser

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