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It is always very satisfying to be able to serve a client beyond their expectations and we love to hear back from them afterwards. While speaking to one of our clients, I realised how undervalued the importance of good communication is in this industry.

Gavin Ellwood of Ellwood and Atfield Ltd came to us with an ideal office space already in mind. The company had unfortunately been unable to secure a space in the development they were interested in. Their criteria deemed that they wanted to be close to Parliament, which narrowed the options considerably.

It turned out to be a miscommunication with regard to the lease terms that had led to their rejection. I was able to clarify this with the agent in charge and they were promptly accepted for the space that they had been told they could not have. The detail could have very easily been overlooked and they would have had to settle for an alternative, elongating the process and creating more frustration for all involved.

Gavin called me recently to ask a few questions and of course I was happy to offer my advice. During the conversation, I reflected on the fact that it was taking the time to uncover the facts that led us to success in his case.

The moral of the story, use an agent that knows how to listen and explore all avenues, rather than settling for second best. Communication is always important, but on such a large and important commitment, one must leave nothing overlooked.

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