London offices can be obtained in a huge range of very different areas. Some are smart established corporate areas where rents are high, and others are less so. This may sound simple in principle, but making the right decision is another matter. The difference of £1 per square foot in rental has a huge impact on the overall cost.

Which London location do you need?

  • It’s important to decide what you need, and why.
  • It’s important not to pay for better than you need.
  • Where are you based already, and do you want to stay there?
  • Do you want to be located where your competitors are?
  • Communications: who needs to get to your office, and from where?
  • Every area has a different image: what image do you want to portray to your clients and your staff?

Communications and infrastructure:

  • The central business districts are very well served by the London Underground system, London buses and taxis.
  • Close proximity to an underground station is a big plus, particularly for companies who work beyond normal office hours.
  • For companies who need access to areas outside London, consider which London mainline station is the most relevant.

Choose a Location

Of course, I would recommend you seek the advice of an experienced commercial property agent to ensure that no step is overlooked.
Meanwhile, use the navigation to find information and price guides for the main Central London areas, as well as links to currently available office space.