Whilst we know that the majority of people don’t approve of smokers, the recent regulations have made things difficult for those that do.

What smokers do

Many office smokers jump on board the cafe culture bandwagon (minus the coffee) and make an increasing amount of little trips to buy ‘coffee’ and sweets or for any other spurious reason.

Whilst it is maintained that pubs have been badly effected by the smoking ban, it is clear that “going to the pub” is becoming ever more popular in the summer so that some can smoke outside with a drink.

Society on smoking

Yellow boxes have appeared outside airports, and a smoker has to get into that yellow  box before lighting up. Not long ago, it was cars that were not allowed into yellow boxes.

The most extreme effect that we have heard of so far is the older heavy smoker who had a cigarette outside his office, then went upstairs to his office, sat down, and wanted a cigarette. So up he got and went downstairs, had a smoke, came back up, and by the time he got there, wanted another smoke! We hear that he saw the desperate futility, gave up (not smoking unfortunately)and ‘retired’ certainly from working in an office anyway!

Key consideration

Office space with “outside space” such as a terrace or balcony is in high demand people specifically state this as being required and for good reason. Even though smoking is frowned upon, by catering for smokers, you don’t lose precious work hours to people making excuses to find other means to smoke.

If you don’t have smokers on your workforce, obviously this is less of a worry, but do have a look at our checklists to find things you may not have thought of before looking for a new office. We are always happy to help you with your requirements so do talk to us.

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Michael Fraser

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