There is a lot more behind the typical employee’s attitude towards working hours than many realise, particularly in London where many work longer hours and overtime. Flexible working is an accepted method used by many companies, but even where it is in place, the individual may have his or her own ideas about the image they project.

Most office workers are happy to be judged by the results they achieve, however complications arise when the nature of their work makes it difficult to judge their output. Some feel they then have to prove themselves in a different way.

We hear that some people get in early, switch on their PC, and then go out for breakfast. Some leave late, some eat a sandwich at their desk and some of these people don’t even stop typing whilst eating their sandwich, hoping above all, that the egg mayonnaise doesn’t drip onto the keyboard, which would result in a rather less pleasant typing experience.  Our IT consultants are amazed at the lack of “housekeeping” that is practiced in respect of keyboards given that like any upward facing item they are susceptible to dust, debris and the like. If you turn yours upside down, you may be in for a surprise!

It is quite often the case that some people don’t like to leave until the boss has gone.  Fair enough if that’s what you want to do, but we know of one case where on a warm day, a team of 5 people stayed late at work because their boss was out and they wanted him to come back and leave first.  He didn’t come back, and they left work very late, all on account of him having decided to leave his jacket on the back of his chair and go home in shirts sleeve only because it was such a hot day.  I know he found it highly amusing when he eventually found out. Rest assured they never used his jacket to make a judgement like that again.

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Michael Fraser

Michael - founding partner of Find a London Office - started in the London property market in 1970. Michael has developed extensive knowledge of the locations, the owners, the rental values, and - most importantly - has developed very solid contacts with the other agents working in the hub of the conventional office market, giving him a considerable advantage both sourcing office space, and negotiating the best possible terms for the tenant.

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