Following our post on office privacy, we’ve received a few emails saying that we missed one of the most important new requirements for the office that “has it all” – the sick bay!

Suffice it to say there is an obvious use for a designated room for unwell staff to retire to in order to take a moment, swallow a tablet and have a rest before returning to work.

Less predictable uses included:

  • TV room for watching Countdown, and compulsive daytime sporting events such as a  Murray semi final at Wimbledon.
  • A place for pregnant women to lie down for 45 minutes in order to recharge their batteries.
  • A place for working parents to recouperate for half an hour, having been kept up the previous night by their troubled offspring.
  • Other popular uses included lunch time pilates, relaxation courses, head massages, pedicures and lifestyle counciling.

At Find a London Office, we have a small sick bay, which at present is being used to accommodate a colleagues minature Cocker Spaniel! Our colleague could not bear putting Fifie into kennels whilst he is on a family holidays in the South of France.