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As most of London knows, Soho House is a group of private members’ clubs, restaurants, hotels and spas.

Soho House London – the original

The original Soho House London opened in 1995 by the English restaurateur and entrepreneur Nick Jones. Located in Greek Street – the heart of Soho, the company has since expanded – opening in 10 locations worldwide, including New York and Miami.

The Roof Deck at Soho House London
The Roof Deck at Soho House London

The House, as it’s known, is targeted at globe-trotting “creative types”—young fashion designers, filmmakers, writers, artists and entrepreneurs, as well as famous musicians and movie stars. From the start, part of the appeal  has been bragging rights—the ability to claim membership to the same club as Kate Moss!

Home away from home

Each site is outwardly different from the other, having its own unique style and atmosphere. One of the key aspects is that the each building respects the original foundations of the site. This creates an eclectic group of clubs, rather than a chain. Another way that they differentiate from other clubs is that the group call their different clubs “houses” as it gives the place a sense of a home away from home, which in the busy cities they are situated – can only be a good thing.

Reverse Snobbery

The main thread throughout the clubs surrounding the globe are the sense of luxury, high end design and they are also well known for their outstanding service. From the beginning, Soho House aimed to turn away from the stuffy, serious gentleman’s club vibe where men have to have highly polished shoes, suit jacket and tie. Instead their dress code has been dubbed reverse snobbery. If you are to visit the house, you are asked to remove your tie, Insiders say that the move was aimed at maintaining the club’s atmosphere as a place for young, expressive types, instead of post-Thatcherites.

All in all, I think Soho House have successfully built a brand that is synonymous with luxury without having the elitist feel often associated with private clubs. You are made to feel you are at home- as long as you remove your tie!

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