Increased uptake of serviced offices, as choice and quality mushrooms. It wasn’t very long ago that serviced office space was considered a rather modest answer to meeting your office requirements. Many people still (wrongly) believe that serviced offices offer bland, soulless, generic space.

However the supply of serviced offices – aka managed offices – has been growing at a consistent pace in the UK over recent years, with Central London having the lion’s share . Take up has been increasing at a similar or even greater pace to the opening of new serviced office centres, pushing rents up by about 10% in the past year.

Why are serviced offices becoming more popular?

  1. The standard offered by the operators is much improved in recent years. In London, far more creative & boutique style space is available than ever before, offering an excellent alternative to more corporate, characterless spaces.
  2. There is a shortage of conventionally-leased space throughout Central London.
  3. The speed of occupation compared with taking a conventional lease becomes ever more appealing.
  4. The limited term commitment continues to be attractive in this fast changing economic landscape.

Perhaps most notably, whereas serviced office use was once dominated by start ups and small businesses, it is now being taken by mid-sized companies and major corporates as well.

If serviced office space is for you, where do you start?

If you’re not sure if serviced fits your needs, please read our recent post on choosing between a serviced office and a conventional lease . If you’ve already decided that serviced suits your needs best, where do you start looking?. The number of serviced office operators has multiplied in recent years, making it even more difficult to discover all available options that fit your criteria.

We can help you find a serviced office

If you tell us what you are looking for, we will arrange for serviced office specialist, Jamie Robotkin to do the research for you, shortlist the best matches for your needs and then present you with the relevant options.

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Serviced Offices On The Up!

Serviced Offices Location Guides

We have serviced office location guides for each of our 19 London locations:

Many business centres also offer coworking space, meeting rooms and virtual offices.

For more general information about flexible office space, please see our Serviced Offices in London guide.

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Michael Fraser

Michael - founding partner of Find a London Office - started in the London property market in 1970. Michael has developed extensive knowledge of the locations, the owners, the rental values, and - most importantly - has developed very solid contacts with the other agents working in the hub of the conventional office market, giving him a considerable advantage both sourcing office space, and negotiating the best possible terms for the tenant.

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