Rent reviews and lease renewals are infrequent occurrences but hold considerable importance for both landlords seeking to maximise their income and tenants seeking to lower their overheads.

As a tenant, professional representation is the only way to assure this objective is met. Although a range of firms offer rent review services, the bottom line is that to secure the edge required to win better terms, a specialist is an absolute requirement. Experience in the field is key, as is a high level of expertise in Landlord and Tenant law.

An expert also requires a strong understanding of office rental values, of course having access to a transaction database is something we consider to be fundamentally critical during the rent rent review process.

Disputes are often referred to arbitration and experience in the conduct of these proceedings is paramount.
As London office market experts, we have access to leading rent review experts that meet these demanding requirements. In addition, we ensure that our experts are well versed in rent review and lease renewals in London, as having area specific knowledge is greatly beneficial, and of course, the London office market is where the stakes are generally higher for both landlord and tenant.

Introducing our Expert
Ramsay Mason is a Fellow of The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and is our senior professional consultant, specialising in landlord & tenant advice including rent reviews, lease renewals and arbitration upon a range of property including offices, shops and industrial premises.

In recent years he has dealt with a number of important rent reviews in the central London area. He is one of the leading experts upon the valuation and appraisal of commercial property including complex development appraisal and property investment advice.

Ramsay Mason has kindly agreed to guest post on our blog so keep an eye out for his posts to come in the near future.

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Ben Neale

Ben has been designing, building and promoting websites for over 20 years. He is responsible for all of Find a London Office’s online activity, which broadly falls into 2 areas: gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. As well as co-ordinating all online marketing campaigns, Ben is the editor of our blog and designer of our Office Space Calculator.

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