Now you can get cost estimates for short term, flexible offices as well

We have had an office space calculator on Find a London Office since our very first site was launched way back in 2006, enabling you easily to generate cost estimates for occupying central London office space in each of the key commercial districts. It’s always been one of most popular pages – because it’s dead easy to get your head around: no-one needs to know anything about square feet to use it! The calculator neatly shows that office rental costs vary considerably as you move from Victoria, Mayfair and St James’s through Soho, Covent Garden and Holborn to the north City Fringes of Clerkenwell, Old St and Shoreditch.

Based on conversations with tenants we thought it would be useful to provide an additional tool to enable them to compare the cost of short-term, flexible offices with longer term conventional offices within a given location.  So we have developed our new dual function office space calculator.

To work out the cost for short term,flexible office space all you have to do is:

  1. click the short term option
  2. indicate your preferred location, and
  3. show how many desks you need

Simples…. You will then be provided with an estimated annual  cost.

To work out the cost of conventional longer term office space

  1. click the longer term option
  2. indicate your preferred location and then
  3. “design” your office layout to incorporate its elements including: number of private offices, reception, break out area, kitchen, open plan, server room, storage etc.

Your desired office layout will produce an estimated overall square footage, and an annual cost (including rent, business rates and service charges).

Email the cost / space estimates to yourself

Finally we’ve added an option for you to email the costs and space estimates to yourself, for reference purposes, or showing to your colleagues or boss. Please have a go with our new office space calculator now. And let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below.

Have you seen our upgraded London office space calculator?

About Ian Kitchener

Ian Kitchener

Ian has advised Central London office occupiers for over 20 years. He loves fighting their corner and making sure they get what they need - a great office on the best commercial terms available.

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