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Serviced Offices Made EasyIn September we found serviced offices in London for five brand new clients. We made this process as quick and easy as possible.

Three of these companies were already London-based (so they knew where they wanted to be ). One company was Spanish and another from California – so they required more advice with locations.

One of the 5 had unfortunately wasted a lot of time trying to find what they needed without getting any meaningful help, and whilst they had narrowed down their list of options, most of serviced offices  – critically – were in the wrong location or failed to meet their budgetary requirements!

However, once they had connected with Find a London Office, Jamie Robotkin, our serviced office expert, was quickly able to absorb exactly what they wanted and needed, and had them looking at real options the very next day!

One of these serviced offices ticked all the boxes and they signed up more-or-less on the spot. Jamie was able to guide them on the correct pricing and the other available options, all of which had cost implications.

So in the space of a couple of days, our client has secured a serviced office:

  • that they were previously completely unaware of
  • In an area that they liked and well suited for the the types of businesses they wanted to be near
  • In an business centre that they feel is – well – them!
  • Paying a rent that they had budgeted for in the first place

Have they got the Serviced Offices they wanted?


Did it cost a lot?


Did it take long?

Not at all

Will they use us again?

Without doubt, they say!

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Completed Deals

40 desk office in Aldgate acquired for a tech company

Acquired 6 person office in Baker St for leading tech company

5 desk office in Clerkenwell acquired for an energy company.