We would like to introduce our first blog mini-series. The Find a London Office Guide to Eating Out.

We at Find a London Office deal with so many different clients in so many different locations that amongst other things, we learn what they have learnt – where to eat.  New to the blog will be a place where we can pass this information on.

Our clients have worked out what is great value as opposed to low cost.  The supply of this information is plentiful but sporadic, hence updates will only appear when a new discovery is made and we feel it is worthy of mention.

Many in Britain have more recently discovered the wonders of Turkey, especially on account of the strength of the euro, as they have not adopted the currency.  The food experience in Turkey particularly good, with the result that eating out at a Turkish restaurant has become increasingly popular in the UK.

We were introduced by a client to a long established Turkish restaurant in Marylebone called Topkapi, based at 25 Marylebone High Street. They provide excellent Turkish cuisine in an authentic Turkish atmosphere.

As to cost, this place is great value, and their Koftas and spicy  chicken are, we think, as good as they get.  Try and see what you think.