New Deals!

8 desk office acquired for environmental business in Victoria

20 desks in Covent Garden for creative agency producing online video

10 desks with showroom in Mortimer St for Chinese textiles company

Here at Find a London Office, we are thoroughly cheesed off with the doom and gloom. If it’s not horrible revelations about illegal phone hacking by tabloid journalists, then it’s talk of another looming financial crisis, with problems in the USA and the Eurozone beginning to come to a head.

So to deflect from this depressing fare, and following the recent relaunch of our website, we are planning to have a some fun in the months ahead. We’ll be adding a fair bit of video content to the site next week, and later in the month we’ll have a humorous take on finding London office space. Apart from that we will be adding surveys and polls, and inviting you to participate in a new Q&A section, so you can ask our experts anything you like about the London office market.

Will also be holding competitions – with some great prizes. So stay tuned.

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About Ben Neale

Ben Neale

Ben has been designing, building and promoting websites for 15 years. He is responsible for all of Find a London Office’s online activity, which broadly falls into 2 areas: gaining new clients and retaining existing ones. As well as co-ordinating all online marketing campaigns, Ben is the editor of our blog and designer of our Office Space Calculator.

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