So no great surprise, lockdown extended! Plans to get back to the office with a bold hybrid working experiment are on ice for the time being. Still, at least it’s summer and the weather has been fine. However, with restrictions still in place until mid-July, a summer holiday abroad has inevitably become very much more complicated.

We can’t assume that in 4 weeks time the restrictions won’t be extended again! And even if not, will we be in the clear to travel then? By mid-July, it may be getting too late to book in any case. Additionally, it’s possible that we will still have to have tests and/or quarantine in either direction – all of which has a cost on top of the holiday cost itself.😱

Should we stay or should we go?

As a family, we have considered whether to “go for it” and just book something ahead. However, after a lot of thought, we have decided (not unanimously!) that any holiday would be spoilt by continually worrying about the rules changing whilst we were away. We’d face the possibility of being stuck there, or having to come back early, assuming flights were available and that we were prepared to pay the extra charge. Hardly a stress-free, relaxing holiday!

So whether it be defeatist or just sensible, we have packed the whole idea in for the moment. Frankly it’s not Winter and where better to be than enjoying the British Summer? A bit of unexpected rain (normal for Britain), but otherwise usually lovely weather.

Defeatist or just sensible, we have packed in the whole idea of a holiday abroad for the moment. Frankly it’s not Winter and where better to be than enjoying the British Summer?

The surging popularity of staycations has made getting a seaside cottage really difficult and quite expensive, so instead, perhaps it’s time to get inventive to fill your holiday time. Rather than paying rent for that elusive cottage, try some of these ideas, involving the whole family, including kids or grandchildren (and we have both).

1. Buy a pizza oven and involve the whole family in creating brilliant pizzas.

Who doesn’t love a pizza?. We did this in Lockdown whatever number it was and it has been, and continues to be, very popular. BTW You Tube has just about everything you need to know about making pizzas, from making the dough to cooking them. Although I will admit that the first few attempts did resemble a large jellyfish, we got there in the end! And after the initial cost of buying the oven, from there-on, the ingredients are very inexpensive.

2.  Biking trips with a picnic

Whilst I still enjoy an old fashioned picnic, not all do. However, these days you can be fantasticly inventive. Fill those plastic ice cream or yogurt pots (all saved in this house !) and create lovely pasta dishes, e.g. potato with diced bacon and celery – lots of options. I am advised that cucumber sandwiches and cheese and pineapple-on-a-stick are OFF THE LIST! 🙁

3. Learn that family board game

Finally learn that family board game, as you always intended. For us that is to be Mah-jong and I am hopeful that the kids don’t consistently beat me!

4. Get a puppy

In lockdown 1, our boy dog “had a sleepover” with a lady dog and as a result, we now have another boy dog! The basic training is very time consuming. He’s a lovely dog but has his own very clear ideas of where he wants to be and when! But then he’s a Spaniel. A puppy is a good idea, but this does of course involve some lead-time before you get one! Note of caution: if you want one ready made, the price of puppies has more-or-less tripled since Lockdown #1! 😱

5. Increase your BBQ repertoire

For the Dads (but in these modern times I  have to say no longer exclusively!), try something different and perhaps a bit challenging. I chose…well actually it was suggested...or was that chosen for me…by my wife ) Chicken Teriyaki. Whilst I thought that might be tricky, it would probably be popular with the younger ones. And it was popular. However the mess that I made in the kitchen preparing it wasn’t!

6. Make homemade lemonade and fudge

Remember Granny making home-made lemonade? Or was it Grandpa…not sure. Try it and be amazed at the taste! 🙂

My Father learned to make home made fudge on the basis that he said that you couldn’t buy proper fudge any more. Not quite sure exactly what he did, but it was truly amazing too! 😲

So that’s a few ideas to help make up for any summer holiday disappointment! Right now, however, I’m actually still at work and I’m off to look at some serviced offices in Kensington for a company where the main director lives in…Kensington! Surprise, surprise! 🙄😉

Forget the holiday abroad: 6 ideas for your summer staycation

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