Finding time for lunch is certainly not as easy as it once was.

It’s not a result of the credit crunch either. In fact, the time taken for lunch has been reducing for years; a trend that has seen delivery services and high speed food outlets have been springing up for some time.

Gone is the lunch “hour” that is still written into employment contracts.  A large percentage of people just don’t take the full hour and this cultural change is in many ways surprising given the various European directives on working hours which you would expect to make matters go the other way.

The picture is not clear, but it may be the substantial disappearance of what happened in the old days, e.g., your boss or employer giving you a dirty look if you were a bit late in the morning, and the more generally accepted flexible working where people know what work they have to do and roughly how long they should spend doing it. Perhaps they have adjusted their work pattern to suit.

This is largely a matter of interpretation, but we are absolutely sure that rather well dressed people spending 3 hours for lunch in rather good restaurants have worked out this balance to perfection!

As we move through the central business districts in the course of our work, moving from one office building to another, we are a little baffled as to who the people are in suits or similar standing outside drinking pints of beer or whatever at say 3.30 in the afternoon.  Flexible working sounds like fun for some!

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