Yesterday, Bruce Hazelton and I – my colleague here at Find a London Office, undertook a mammoth day-long film shoot in Central London.

We are producing videos for our  location pages (e.g. Mayfair, Covent Garden, St. James’s etc) as well as our home page, and we needed footage of recognisable landmarks in 16 London locations! It was a whistle-stop tour of the capital, but it still took us over 13 hours to complete. We deliberately decided to shoot on a Sunday – to avoid parking charges, as well as the week day traffic. I had carefully planned our schedule – to the minute, in fact, but we very quickly blew that, both because it took longer to shoot all the footage we wanted, and also because the traffic in the West End, was not much better than it would be during the week. Fortunately – and somewhat surprisingly, given our damp summer to date – the weather was fantastic. Warm, sunny, clear and dry!

Compact London

A couple of thoughts occurred to me during the day. Many moons ago, when I was still at school, I had a summer holiday job, during a postal strike, hand-delivering post for a company whose business relied upon snail mail (in fact it was so many moons ago, that there was no such thing as email at the time!) Walking though the capital – as opposed to using the tube – it was the first time I worked out how London fitted together geographically, and how compact central London is – all the key landmarks are within a stone’s throw of each other. It is – in fact a great city to walk around – compared to Paris, for example, which is much more spread out. Yesterday, driving round the capital from location to location reminded me of this fact.

Diverse London

Secondly, it reminded me how diverse the city is. one of the testimonials on this site describes London as “a host of villages each with its own characteristics and market pricing”. And that is so true. Knightsbridge is very different to Soho, which in turn contrasts with the City, which is nothing like Paddington, and so on… Each area has it’s own distinct character and atmosphere. When you combine that with my first observation about how close together everything is, it really is very noticable. At one point we need to film a “generic” London street, and it quickly occurred to us that there really is no such thing! And it’s something we bang on about here at Find a London Office. Look at Ian Kitchener‘s post about choosing the right location for your London office. If you’re a financial firm, you’ll probably want offices in the City, whereas a media outfit will be more comfortable in Soho, and vice versa. And that’s part of the reason we are making these short videos. It’s the best way to demonstrate London’s diversity, and really home in on what makes each location tick, what makes it special, and what makes it suitable (or unsuitable) for your business.

Bruce was in the studio today shooting some more footage, and recording a voice over with our presenter – Richard Brimblecombe. I learned something new about Richard today – he is a qualified Chartered Surveyor, and before re- training as an actor in his twenties, he worked in commercial property in Central London for a few years. How appropriate!

The videos now need editing and and some post-production work, after which they will be online as quickly as possible. Rest assured, we will let you know.

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