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Choosing the right location for your London office space can be a daunting prospect, particularly if your knowledge of the city is skin deep. Sometimes your initial instincts are spot on, but often a more in depth knowledge of what’s available elsewhere will lead to a change of heart.

Using a London Office agent can help you make better, more informed choices about where to locate – or relocate – your office space.

FindaLondonOffice recently found and secured new office space for Campus Living Villages, an Australian company who provide campus student accommodation in the UK, as well as Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and specialise in ensuring that students have better living conditions. They have existing offices in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. However as many of their clients come from abroad, a London office has become vital. Their new offices are within 5 minutes walk of London Bridge station.

However their first instincts were for offices in Covent Garden – the more fashionable and high profile option.

Of course, with profile and fashion, cost often follows. And offices in Covent Garden are usually expensive! Having taken the brief, FindaLondonOffice began an extensive office search on behalf of Campus Living Villages, including the Covent Garden area. Because of our insider knowledge, we have been able to find them a fantastic 2,000 ft² office in Bermondsey Street, offering unusually high specification offices for this area. These offices – a clever blend between a 19th century warehouse and brand new space – are as good as any they saw in other areas, and of course offices in Waterloo and Southwark have lower rent than their equivalent in Covent Garden and the West End.

Without our help and expertise, Campus Living Villages would have been focussing exclusively on Covent Garden, and wouldn’t have found these great value premises south of the river. So it pays to have an expert on board to handle your office search. And the advantages don’t just stop there:

  • Many of their staff live in Tunbridge Wells, near their existing offices. Commuter trains run directly from Tunbridge Wells to London Bridge, so the new location is very convenient.
  • These offices were very much in demand. As someone else was interested, FindaLondonOffice had to fight very hard indeed to secure these premises.
  • We know the letting agent very well, and this made a big difference to securing these office for Campus Living Villages.

So when it comes to finding the right office space, in the right location, and at the right price, it pays to employ an expert with insider knowledge, experience and connections.

About Michael Fraser

Michael Fraser

Michael - founding partner of Find a London Office - started in the London property market in 1970. Michael has developed extensive knowledge of the locations, the owners, the rental values, and - most importantly - has developed very solid contacts with the other agents working in the hub of the conventional office market, giving him a considerable advantage both sourcing office space, and negotiating the best possible terms for the tenant.

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