Our Office Space Calculator is already the undisputed star of our website! It’s the most popular page on the Find a London Office website – by some distance!

We’ve added recently a brand new feature to the calculator to make it even better!  More on that later….

The reason the calculator works so well is simple: you don’t need to know how much space you need in square feet (ft2) to use it. Let’s face it , if you’ve just begun your search – unless you are a surveyor, an architect or a property agent – why would you know this?

So it’s very, very easy to use….

Short term, flexible, serviced space? No problem!

If you are looking for short term, serviced space, you simply add the number of desks you need – which normally equates to the number of people you employ.

Longer term, conventional lease? Yes it does that too!

If you are looking for a longer term, conventional lease, the calculator prompts you to select the types of space you need for the number of people you employ – e.g. Open Plan Space for 20 people, a Meeting Room for 6 people, a small Reception, a small Kitchen and a Medium Server Room.

Calculating Office Space and Cost Estimates

The calculator will then tell you how much space that adds up to – in both square feet and square metres. Then if you select a London area (e.g. Mayfair, Soho, Silicon Roundabout etc.) it will then calculate the approximate annual cost for the space you’ve specified (including rent, rates and service charges). Clever eh?

And you can change any variable in your calculation – short term or longer term space, the spaces that you require or your desired location – it will update the total space and total approximate cost automatically!

If you’ve toggled between short term and longer term space, it will even give you a cost comparison between the two office types.

But what if you already know how much space you need in square feet?

Of course, if you’ve already begun your search – or you’ve done this before – there is a chance you may already know how much space you need in square feet – and simply want a cost estimate for that space. In fact several people have contacted us and asked us to add this feature to the calculator.

So we’ve done just that! If you know how much a space you need in square feet, just enter the number in the square foot field, select a London location and let the calculator do the rest! Simple!

London Office Space Calculator - Square Feet

Why not give it a try?

Please let us know what you think in the comments below…

Brand new feature for the Office Space Calculator

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