It is unusual for the London landscape to change in a few short weeks, but the abundance of Boris’s Barclays bicycles threading through the streets is a sight to behold.

Boris Johnson with some bikes from his new London Cycle Scheme
Boris Johnson with some bikes from his new London Cycle Scheme

Unlike usual motorbikes and cycles zooming through red lights and generally putting the fear of Jesus into pedestrians, Boris’s bikes are built for comfort rather than speed and perhaps until they get more used to this method of transport, the riders seem more leisurely. In contrast to my colleague Bruce Hazelton, who wrote about London’s Cycle Madness, earlier in the week, I feel rather more positively about the scheme.

Find a London Office staff spend a great deal of time out inspecting office space in London, so I guess most of us will subscribe to the scheme in due course. The present £45.00 annual subscription and then “pay as you go” pricing seems pretty competitive. Rather than attempt to explain the intricacies here, it is perhaps best to refer you to Transport for London’s Cycle Hire page.

I may write more on this subject when I am a paid up member. In the meantime, I did have a sneaky borrow of a friend’s bicycle and it was fun. There is a holder at the front for your bag, the first 30 minutes of a ride are free and you see London from a completely different perspective. I know my way round Central London extremely well, but – on bike – I found places I never even knew existed!

One thing I noticed on this maiden voyage was there are actually 4 squares in Mayfair!  Everyone knows of Berkeley, Hanover and Grosvenor squares , but it wasn’t until I rode up South Audley St, that I spotted another more obscure one called Audley Square. Not a lot of people know that…

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