On the blog, we have covered many ways that can save you money when searching for office space in London. You will see by the end of this post that it’s not all about minimising your outlay (though this plays a part), it’s also about maximising the value of your decision and thinking ahead when possible.

It was high time to put together some of our most important tips, so here they are:

1. Negotiate

There are a a variety of negotiable costs when dealing with London office space. We have talked before about the current economic climate spelling opportunity for tennants to negotiate. While we’d recommend using experts (ahem!) to do this for you, this article will provide you some key insights into what can be negotiated.

2. Communicate

Due to the sheer volume of process that goes into finding and securing a London office, it’s easy for a breakdown in communication to occur between landlord and tennant, agent and landlord or tennant and agent. While we can attest to good communication being a foremost priority with FindaLondonOffice, it still happens all the time. It is an essential part of negotation and being thorough can save an awful lot of time, which as you know, equates to money.

3. Reconsider Your Actual Office Requirements

Have you considered opting for office space that has already had a fitout? Depending on what you need, you could stand to save a lot of money by finding an office that has already been fitted out to your requirements, or perhaps broadening your criteria. The money saved could also cover alterations that you require.

4. Maximise Use of Your Space

If cramming something into every cubic metre is what you think I mean by this, you couldn’t be further off the mark!

Remember that your number one asset as a business is your people. Ensuring they have a properly designed office environment can dramatically increase productivity. This might influence your decision towards choosing a larger office space, however if it means staff can work more efficiently it will very likely be a worthwhile move. Of course it also means vast savings if you have plans to expand. Thinking office ergonomics through properly can not only improve productivity, it also reduces the likelihood to your staff developing health issues.

5. Think Carefully About Your Location

I have to highlight the fact that for many seeking London office space, their chosen London office location is not based on much more than a personal preference. This is all well and good, but as you can see from our rental guide, the cost per varies substantially. If your premises is not client facing, you have considerably fewer reasons to shell out on premium ground level office space in the most prestigious area you can think of. If you can attract business based on your location, it may in fact be worth doing, in which case doing so could pay for itself many times over.

The Value of Thinking Ahead!

So as you can see, our guide to saving money isn’t necessarily to take the most frugal approach possible, it’s more to do with maximising the value of whatever office space move you intend to make and making the most of what you get.

We would be happy to advise you further should you wish to contact us.

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