Disability Discrimination Act

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Is this important?

Yes. This act relates to making suitable provision for the disabled and applies in particular to Public Buildings like Town Halls and Libraries to ensure that they comply for all types of disabilities whether physical, reduced sight, hearing or similar. In addition, all new buildings have a duty to accommodate disability access, in particular multi storey offices. Additionally, it may be that your company employs one or more people who suffer from a disability, and you will hence want to make sure that you provide properly for them from the outset.

Can the requirements of the Act be challenged?

Yes. By the production of an audit assessing the risk in individual buildings, whether existing or new, for compliance. This assessment could advise that certain old buildings cannot be easily adapted for full compliance.

Does the Local Authority always get it right?

No. Provided the audit includes a realistic programme of implementation, where possible, then they cannot expect full compliance from day 1.


Get a qualified advisor to check your building and prepare an audit so that savings can be made over the whole programme of works, and correct provision can be made where appropriate.

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