We get calls from people every day asking for D1 property, but it’s amazing – of the numbers asking – who actually understands what D1 property is and who doesn’t!

How did the D1 property class come about?

The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987 (as amended) was developed (from a previous order dated 1972) in order to categorise property into use types so that planning authorities could keep a degree of control on how the public use property. Over the years the planning landscape has become ever more complex. Not being a ‘planner’ per se myself, that’s all I shall say on the history side!

So what is D1 Property?

The D1 class includes use types institutional in character such as those relating to educational, religious and medical with the key element being that these should be non-residential. If a residential element exists such as a boarding school, convent or hospital then the use and property will fall into a C2 use class.

Things can get complicated at times also with restricted D1 use classes, which may restrict a building to say a medical use only, or there may be a restriction against using the property for religious purposes for example. I have even had involvement in a property  which use was restricted to that of a theatre school only…..

So in order to get the right deal on a property with the correct use class and in order to navigate your way through negotiations, heads of terms and solicitors it is vital you get the right advice from people who understand this often little understood market.

If you are seeking to open a business which falls under an educational, religious or medical use of the building please do not hesitate to get in touch.