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We have recently received feedback that suggested it would be good to talk more about how we operate. So here are our main objectives:

Offering comprehensive information

One of our foremost aims is to provide plenty of useful information on this site.

Working for you

When it comes to finding office space in London, we can take the whole job away and do it for you if you want us to.


We listen carefully to what it is you want – and also what you don’t want.

Providing you options

We can then use our database to check what’s out there and to check current availability. We have the market position to source options which have not yet come on to the market. We can compile a list of just about everything that’s available.


Based on what we’ve learnt from you, we can filter out the poor options – this can save so much of your time by not inspecting unsuitable office space. We arrange for you to see potentially suitable offices, at a time to suit you, and we come with you. We provide inspection checklists and will discuss and debate the various merits or otherwise with you, to try to help you compile a shortlist. We then help you hone it down to the preferred option, and hopefully will identify a back up choice with you.


We pride ourselves on our ability to negotiate and there are lots of different subjects apart from rent. Please see our post on negotiation.

Calculate how much office space you need in 4 steps
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Calculate how much office space you need in 4 steps

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For more essential tips and advice, have a look at The Knowledge - and for answers to your questions about London office space, check out our FAQs.

Completed Deals

5 desk office in Clerkenwell acquired for an energy company.

Acquired 6 person office in Baker St for leading tech company

40 desk office in Aldgate acquired for a tech company