When I’m asked what’s different about FindaLondonOffice, I’m bound to say that it’s not that we can find you offices to let in London that matches your requirements, but that we’ll be able to negotiate with the landlord on your behalf, and often secure you a much better deal than would otherwise have been possible. An interesting example of the creative negotiation cropped in conversation the other day.

I was invited for a spot of corporate entertainment at Lords the other day, where we went to see Sussex versus Surrey in the first day of a 4 day match. Only one stop from Baker St, I found myself in St John’s Wood, wandering round the vast perimeter of Lords hallowed grounds, looking for the right gate. I ultimately walked so far back towards the West End, that it would have been better getting out at Baker St.

The match went on for so long that we were only partially watching the cricket and our conversation drifted back to the West End Office Market. Looking at the vast open grounds, my host, clearly under the influence of hospitality refreshments, started to get all philosophical and asked why West London office space is offered to tenants in large open plan areas, when as often as not, tenants want lots of partitioned areas. It is indeed a paradox that prior to marketing office space, at great cost, landlords demolish offices, kitchens, meeting rooms and so forth, and as soon as the office is reoccupied, the tenant ends up having to pay for it to be partitioned up again.

I told Jeremy we have a customer right now who is taking office space in Mayfair, just before the landlord was about to demolish all the separate offices. We established the landlord’s demolition and redecorating budget and persuaded them to pay us the the money up front as part of our deal. Our clients do not intend to undertake the landlords works, as they actually love the way they are already divided!

Jeremy said “that doesn’t sound like cricket”, but I replied “Actually everyone gets what they want. Our clients certainly get a good deal, but the landlords also get the letting they are after. And at the end of the lease in 5 years time, my clients will accept the obligation of paying for knocking everything down and delivering back a vast open plan redecorated area to the landlord.”

No doubt an unsuspecting tenant will be seduced into taking the open plan area and will then be saddled with the cost of creating separate offices.

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Ian Kitchener

Ian has advised Central London office occupiers for over 20 years. He loves fighting their corner and making sure they get what they need - a great office on the best commercial terms available.

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