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I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I come back again, I’d like to be a banker in a free market economy.

In the “real world” we have to work for our money at Find a London Office. Our buzz comes from a really focused call where a company needs our help to move to new office space in a short period of time. After a chat on the phone and perhaps a preliminary tour of inspections of say 3 -4 office suites on the market, we are usually able to help them clarify:

Its hard work, but very satisfying when the process works smoothly and our clients move into their new office space on the best commercial terms we are able to negotiate. With our inside market knowledge, we are usually able to negotiate significantly  better commercial terms than our clients would have expected….

In my dreams I would leave the above to more industrious colleagues and focus myself on a spot of naked shorting. Outside the grasp of Chancellor Merkel and her friends I would sell a huge bunch of shares I did not own, watch the market fall and buy them back cheap. Central London office advisors don’t always enjoy the highest public esteem, but this kind of free market practice makes us look like a bunch of choir boys.

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Completed Deals

5 desk office in Clerkenwell acquired for an energy company.

Acquired 6 person office in Baker St for leading tech company

40 desk office in Aldgate acquired for a tech company