Parking featured in our 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions post. With the stance on outer London parking restrictions under review, the potential for boosting the London office market is being examined. The Outer London Commission has published a report that has found that a more flexible approach to parking policies may help strengthen outer London town centres.

Such a move has been found to be controversial as it does not sit in line with the national policy of reducing road congestion. The fact is, having policies to reduce road congestion is all well and good, but not if initiatives to improve alternative transport are lagging so far behind. With rail travel consistently experiencing price hikes that far superceed inflation (or in fact even rise in cost when inflation levels are at 0%), it is becoming borderline extortion. At least for the short term, the car is and will remain to be the cheapest option for many, despite the congestion charge.

Therefore, we welcome such a review, ultimately something has to give and it should provide a much necessary boost to the London office market, as well as take an additional pressure off London office occupants.

Boris Johnson  commented “We must ensure we put in place policies that grasp every opportunity to unleash outer London’s full potential”.