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The serviced office market in London has developed and expanded rapidly in recent years. As serviced offices have become more and more popular, that evolution continues apace.

As you are reading this, the chances are you already rent a serviced office. If you have been there a while, it may well be that better  – and indeed cheaper – serviced office space has now become available. The serviced office market is changing that quickly!

Have you renewed with your current provider?

Furthermore, if you have renewed your initial contract with your current provider, you may well now be paying over the odds. In much the same way, your car insurance premium goes up year-by-year by default if you stick with the same provider. But shop around for alternatives and you may find a more cost effective and better option is now available.

If you have renewed your initial contract with your serviced office provider, you may well now be paying over the odds.

Our FREE office review

Here at Find a London Office, we would be very happy to carry out a free review of both your current needs and your existing space. We could very well find you better and more cost-effective serviced office space – all at zero cost to your business!

A free review will give you an excellent overview of what’s out there and at what cost. So even if you eventually decide to stay where you are for the moment, you’ve lost nothing, but gained a fresh insight free of charge!

A free reassessment can only be useful to your business.

Contact us here and we will connect you immediately with a serviced office expert who covers the whole market.

This is much easier and quicker than hunting through the vast array of serviced options yourself. Our experts know all about the correct rents for each option; a difficult subject to cover on your own.

And to reiterate, this service is free to you. So please get in touch today!

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40 desk office in Aldgate acquired for a tech company

Acquired 6 person office in Baker St for leading tech company

5 desk office in Clerkenwell acquired for an energy company.