Eco-friendly office chair refurbishment, that save will save you money!

Office Chair Refurbishment

Office Chair Refurbishment

Your office chair is taken for granted until it goes ping, boing, creak, the fabric rips, or the arm falls off. If you’re really unlucky the seat drops a few feet and makes your eyes water. What do you do? Put in a request to buy an expensive new chair? Why?

If your car breaks down you don’t buy a new one – you get it repaired. Why should your office chairs be any different?

Who are you going to call? Ghostb…Opps! That’s another story…Waldron Office Furniture – they refurbish office chairs for reuse across the South of England and London. They collect, recover, repair, fit new components and deliver them back, in our experience for about 1/3 of the cost of buying a new replacement. Apparently they refurbish over 25,000 office chairs per year, so they know what they are doing. Our chairs looked almost as good as new when they came back.

Did I mention that as well as saving oodles of money, Waldron’s refurbishment saves you about 90% of the carbon footprint of a new chair, so they are also very environmentally friendly.

Highly recommended! For more information have a look at their website or ring them on 0118 9455500