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Is having a survey done important for anyone renting or purchasing a property?

Yes. Every purchaser needs to know the current condition and repairing liabilities prior to exchange of contracts.

Can the landlord or vendor be challenged?

When the extent of any problems are identified, the tenant or purchaser’s agent can re-negotiate, and sometimes get the landlord to remedy any defects at his cost or can sometimes reduce the price of the property by the cost of repairs and replacements needed.

What if the vendor is hiding some critical facts?

The tenant or purchaser can get his surveyor to check that the landlord has all the valid and correct Local Authority consents , meaning that the office space can actually be used in the way the owner has said it can be.


Get an advisor to inspect the property in question so that it can be established what condition the property is in, and a realistic appraisal of liabilities and any repair costs can be established which can help negotiations. He can also be asked to check the consents.

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