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How much downtime will there be?

Time scales dictate what can be achieved and how much down time is incurred. In general the more time is available the smoother the move will go and with less downtime. Also in general the less time is available the more the move will cost and more resources will need to be used. The larger the move the more time and resources are required.

Is the new building a green site, or perhaps a listed building?

If it is a new building the possibility is that IT is taken into account and dedicated server/IT rooms are available and cabling is flood-wired. There is also a possibility that it is an empty shell and all internal services like cabling, server rooms/it rooms, mains power, air conditioning need to be installed before the building can be occupied. For listed/odd buildings it might not be possible to run cables, cut through walls, etc. All this needs to be considered before the move can take place.

Are all required services available on the new site?

Are all external services required, i.e. internet access of the required type and speed, phone and digital communication services, mains power, etc., available?  Don’t assume these are available, especially for remote locations or when high speed internet connectivity is required.

What state is the existing IT infrastructure?

Before a move can take place you need to make sure that all data is backed up and restorable. In some scenario’s it is cost effective to start from scratch in the new building and build a new IT infrastructure and only migrate the data. The fewer systems that are moved the less time it takes. Depending on budget and time available a pilot of the new system can be running on the old site to train users and have a test bed for migration. In some cases the new and old sites can be run in parallel and the new system proved. If the systems are old the move could be an opportunity to upgrade to the latest hardware and software.

How long can the IT infrastructure be down for before it impacts the business?

The shorter this time is the more planning and testing needs to be done and the more resources need to be available. Arrangements need to be made and planned to switch phone lines, phone numbers, communication lines, internet links and IP addresses/DNS records. Servers and desktop pc’s might need to be moved or replaced. Data needs to be backed up and may need to be transferred.

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