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How to find a London office, when available space is in short supply

Many agents will tell you that you can’t always get the office you want now, as the UK economy continues to improve. But is this true?

Tube Strike? What Tube Strike?

Londoners respond to last week’s Tube strike with typical resilience and good humour – and demonstrated there are other ways to get around the capital

What is C2 property, and who needs it?

Alex explains C2 property and how it differs from D1 class property.

London Office Rent Will Continue To Rise in 2014

Headline London Office Rents have risen by approximately 8% through 2013. Ian confidently predicts a further 7.5% increase in 2014

The Story of Christmas – Over £330k raised in one night!

London charity raises more than a third of a million pounds to help deprived children and adults in and around the capital.

Serviced Office or Conventional Lease? Read our new report!

In an improving economy, should you choose serviced office space, or go with a conventional lease? Michael Fraser announces a new Find a London Office report that will help you make that decision.

Pop Up Shops – What are they and how do I get involved?

Alice looks at the explosion of flash retailing – drawing on her own experience of opening a Pop Up Shop in Piccadilly.

London Office Rent to increase by up to 7.5% by the end of 2013

Ian believes that the London office market is on the move and predicts an increase in London office rent between 5% and 7.5%  by the end of 2013

What is D1 property, and who needs it?

We get calls from people every day asking for D1 property, but it’s amazing – of the numbers asking – who actually understands what D1 property is and who doesn’t! Alex explains all…

Fantastic Korean Restaurant off New Oxford Street

Alice Barrow gives a positive review of this authentic Korean restaurant in London’s West End

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